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of rape. >>> oscar grant, on january 1st, a young father was shotot and killed by a bart police officer on the platform in oakland. oscar grand's family and friends will return to pay tribute to his life through poetry and a balloon release. >>> there were a couple of accidents and let's go to tara with a look at traffic, how is it looking out there? >> you know there was a couple of accidents and we are not sure if it was alcohol-related but most likely that is the case. we have a new crash at the westbound 80 connector and we will keep you posted on that, this is a look, traffic is moving along nicely at the pittsburgh direction and westbound as you make the drive towards the tunnel and on through orinda, and finally at the sunole grade in fremont, it is a little dark and now let's head to steve. >>> a little spin in the atmosphere, giving us partly cloudy skies and freeze and frost warnings are out for tomorrow morning. due to the cloud cover, there is more of a breeze and 18 in reno, 35 sacramento, 18 in ukiah, most locations are running a little bit warmer. it don't have a lot of m
. >>> about 200 people showed up up at fruitvale bart station to mark the fourth anniversary of oscar grant's shooting death. grant's death sparked outrage. grant was lying face down on the bart platform when bart police officer johannes mehserle shot him in the back. mehserle later said he meant to use his taser. >> my hope for the movie is people will see the truth. people struggle with different issues but they can come out of those issues. >> at yesterday's vigil grant's family called for an end of what they see is racial profiling. >>> the city of oakland is expected to start issuing identification cards to illegal immigrants starting next year. san francisco has a similar id card system. there is also a program in the works in richmond. oakland's id cards will also act as a debt card. the id is to make it legal for them to cash checks. the program legitimatizes illegal immigration. >>> to mark the occasion the museum will be free to everyone until 5:00 tonight. that is when the closing bell will ring and that is when everyone including the staff will make a ceremonial exit. the explor
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2